Hey There.

Nice to e-meet you! Welcome to the Artsy Affirmations About page, which is basically just a professional Tinder bio. Feel free to forward to all your hot brothers and cousins.

Artsy Affirmations was dreamed up in 2018 by sisters Kerra and Faith when they decided to join forces and create a shared brand. Originally mainly a way to share fan-art (hellooo One Direction) and embroidery, they decided to expand their scope and create content more universal while still remaining true to their interests. By combining their expertise (Kerra has a degree in Psychology and Faith a degree in Graphic Design!) Artsy Affirmations has branched out to create hand-lettered quotes, illustrations, and snarky commentary on mental health, current events, and pop culture. And, okay, fine, they still create their fair share of Harry Styles-themed content. Their work has been shared across the world by brands including Revlon UK, Adobe, Buzzfeed, and Coca-Cola, and they are well-known for creating bright, colorful pieces.

Kerra and Faith love what they do and hope you do too. They’re really fun (contrary to what every person who says they’re really fun is actually like) and would be thrilled to work with you on your next project or campaign. While their favorite projects to work on are marketing campaigns and social media graphics, they’re skilled with creating anything from logos to package design. They have experience working with both start-up companies (like local real-estate companies and podcast hosts!) and well-established brands (like Loft and Always!). Shoot them an email at hello@artsyaffirmations.com, or fill out the form below, so that they can work with you and become your BFFs and travel the world together (unless you’re not into that, in which case they will keep all things strictly professional).

Get in Touch!

You can contact us at hello@artsyaffirmations.com, or fill out this form! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, typically within 2-3 business days.

If you just want to say hi, we still want to hear from you! If this is the case, please DM us on Instagram, as it’s better for chatting :) Plus, all the easier for us to send you memes. Win-win.

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