9 Simple Ways to Destress

STRESS CAN MANIFEST ITSELF IN LOTS OF DIFFERENT WAYS. Increased heartrate, irritability, stomachaches, decreased energy. Personally, that’s just a typical Monday morning for me. Kidding! But really, stress can show up at the most unlikely (and most inconvenient) of times, which is why it’s important to be ready when it inevitably pops in to add worry to your otherwise smooth-sailing week. Find seven of our favorite tried-and-true (read: attempted-and-true) destressing tips here!


Go for a Walk

I despise exercise. Like, almost-failed-9th-grade-PE levels of despise (between you and me, the only thing that got me through that class was the cute baseball boy who sat in front of me during warm-ups). But walking? Now walking I can get behind. Studies have shown that walking for any length of time, especially in green environments, will boost the production of endorphins, which leads to a reduction in stress hormones! So grab a friend, a pet, or just a trusty pair of tennis shoes and start walking in the direction of a stress-free life.

Use a Bath Bomb

Listen, I know this tip is probably at the top of every self-care blog you’ve ever read. In fact, it’s so common that we received a DM on Instagram telling us to absolutely not include it on a self-care list. But hear us out! We know you have a secret stash of Lush bath bombs hidden under your bathroom sink at this very moment. You can’t be a millennial and not. So just grab one, along with your favorite waterproof book (is that a thing? A waterproof book? Probably not, so just be careful) and get relaxing in a nice hot bath. Bonus points for lighting a candle to set the mood!

Buy a New House Plant

I am the world’s worst plant mom. As in, the number of plants I own that are not currently wilting in a windowsill can be counted on one hand. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love buying new ones! Caring for a plant can be a great way to improve your mental health and decrease your stress because it allows you to take care of something that is dependent on you for survival. It’s important to feel needed, even if it is just by a houseplant. In fact, doctors in the U.K. are now prescribing plants to patients to help with anxiety and depression for this actual reason! Yay, science!


Journaling is a quick way to jot all of your stressors down and figure out the source of your stress. Identifying what’s causing you distress allows you to ponder on what you can do to fix it. We all have big feelings that can manifest in both positive and negative ways, so writing them down can help future distressed you look back and recognize how you solved a similar problem in the past.

To-Do Lists!

It is entirely possible that I am Post-It brand’s number one patron. I would gladly be a Post-It brand ambassador if that was a job (if you work for Post-It...shoot me an email). Sticky notes are helpful to me because a lot of my stress (and probably yours!) is caused by a massive running to-do list in my head that I’m bound to forget. By writing down everything I need to get done, I’m sure to not forget an important step, thus hopefully alleviating a little bit of stress. As a bonus, who doesn’t love tiny colorful squares all over their room?

Get Kissin’

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried all of the destressing tips up to this point. I could not find a willing participant to help me figure out if this one works, but I have high hopes. Kissing releases endorphins (the happiness hormone!) and as everyone’s favorite Harvard Law Student Elle Woods once said, “Happy people don’t kill their husbands, they just don’t.” Unrelated, anyone have a hot brother they want to send my way for...scientific reasons?

Go Out With Friends

Sometimes all you need to relax is a good night out with friends, because friendship improves your sense of belonging and can help you better cope with life’s curveballs. It’s easy to get caught up in your long to-do list and not have the time to do things you like, but spending time with people you enjoy is important and shouldn’t be put on the backburner! The next time you’re worked up about an approaching deadline or insecure about an awkward encounter at work, schedule a quick outing with your friends and just see if it helps your stress come down. !! EDIT this was written back in January, maybe put this tip on hold until COVID regulations ease up in your area 😉

Learn a New Yoga Pose

Yoga can be a great stress reliever. Yoga increases body awareness, which allows you to regain focus and control and gain clarity on what’s causing you stress. Yoga also has been linked to improving respiration and energy levels, so not only will your mind feel better after a quick yoga session, your body will too. You might be holding off on practicing yoga because you don’t want to go to a studio or pay for an online yoga instructor, but YouTube has thousands of yoga tutorial videos that are easy for both beginners and experts to follow along to, meaning you don’t have to spend money to get the relief yoga will bring.

Remember That You’re Human

When in doubt, remember that you’re human and stress is normal. It’s very okay to not have control over every aspect of your life, and it’s okay to worry about it from time to time. If this worry gets in the way of things you enjoy, though, it might be time to consult a doctor or therapist. Don’t let stress over little things (or big things!) keep you from feeling your best!

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